IWMW12 Thoughts

The Institutional Web Managers Workshop (IWMW) is a yearly conference for higher education (HE) web managers. This year it was held in a surprisingly sunny Edinburgh. Being new to HE, it’s obviously the first time I’d been. Pleased to report it was an excellent event, both in content and organisation. There were around 170 people, with representatives from most UK universities.

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Cardiff Hack Day – For the Social Good

Last Sunday I was invited to be one of the judges at a Hack Day at Cardiff University, sponsored by by Box UK.

I was there representing the uni – as I’m currently the Applications Development Manager there (essentially looking after the team of devs who do web / mobile application work). Fellow judges were Jenni from Bath Uni and Carey from Box UK, and organised by Lisa and Emma.

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Mobile Workshop

Recently I was lucky enough to go the mobile workshop at Bristol University, held as part of the JISC funded mobile work. It was being run by Mike Jones (an ex-Cardiff guy, so guaranteed quality).


Firstly – Bristol needs less of a hill. Seriously. Sure I saw Edmund Hilary near the Wills Memorial. Secondly – are all uni IT departments housed in the oldest buildings available? Once arrived though, was good to see a spread of reps from different universities. As usual, as much benefit was from the chats in between, comparing how different people are working. Quite reassuring to see all unis seem to have the same issues.


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Technology Enhanced Education

Notes typed up from the excellent Technology Enhanced Education conference in Cardiff on 6th May. 

Though day to day will be looking after the actually software delivery lifecycle, like to understand the users and domain working in as much as possible. So was quite fortuitous this popped up on my second day. It was well attended (70-100 people?) with a good mix of lecturers, students, librarians, tech people and others staff. Education is a brand new domain for me, so all quite new and these are just initial thoughts. Though a lot of the issues felt familiar. 

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